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The City of Huber Heights is creating a vision for the future of the Brandt Pike corridor. The Brandt Pike Target Revitalization Plan launched in July and now is the time to get involved! This site is your official source of information about the study, and an opportunity to provide your input. Please take a moment to browse the site and contact us if you have information to share. The site will be updated as the study progresses, so return as often as you can.

Brandt Pike Target Revitalization Plan is Moving Forward

Ever since the Community Workshop in November, the project team has been working feverishly to complete a draft of the plan. In the coming weeks, feedback from City staff and Steering Committee members will be incorporated into the draft. After that, the public will have the opportunity to comment on the draft before it is finalized.

The draft plan includes illustrative renderings, such as the one above, that show how the Pike could be redeveloped in the future. Strategies, action steps, and phasing for all recommendations are outlined, and cover a variety of topics, from transportation to land use and the housing market.

CroppedSchedule - Copy.png

project status

Discover the status of the Brandt Pike Revitalization Plan - what we've accomplished to date and what's coming up next. 

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Provide your input

Your input is very important to the success of this project.  Let us know your vision for Brandt Pike and what you would like to see along the corridor. 

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