What is a corridor study? A market analysis?

A corridor study examines existing travel and land use conditions along a particular road, and determines the best way to overcome challenges in these areas and accommodate future travel demand. These plans look at traffic volumes, crash rates, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities, community priorities, and previous studies to form recommendations.

A market analysis gathers data on demographics, population density, transportation mode choice, and other factors that affect economic growth in a defined area. Market analyses allow cities to recruit and market to specific business types when trying to fill vacant spaces, improve fiscal health through an increased tax base spurred by reinvestment, and recognize and reduce obstacles to investment and revitalization that are found in the community’s development regulations.

Why does Huber Heights need this study?

It has been over 10 years since the most recent effort to revitalize a portion of the Brandt Pike Corridor. The City of Huber Heights has experienced significant changes in the past decade, from population growth to economic hardship. As a result, the City is developing a comprehensive study that will create a short-, mid-, and long-term action plan, and identify opportunities to make improvements to the Corridor.

Where are the study boundaries?

Recommendations for roadway improvements will focus on Brandt Pike from Kitridge Rd to I-70. The market analysis will include businesses on Brandt Pike and nearby businesses that have an impact on the corridor, such as the Dayton Metro Library Huber Heights Branch.

Who is leading the planning process?

The City of Huber Heights hired Burton Planning Services to lead the study. Another firm, Urban Decision Group, is working on the market analysis. The City also formed a stakeholder committee composed of residents and business owners to guide the planning process.

How can residents, business owners, and other stakeholders participate?

  • The first phase of public involvement took place from August-November, 2016. Public involvement efforts involved stakeholder interviews, an online survey, steering committee meetings. and a three day community workshop and design charrette. Results and feedback are being analyzed and will be reported in the draft plan in early 2017. Opportunity for public comment will also occur at this time.
  • Click here to explore the community-led Facebook group, Brandt Pike Revitalization "The Hub."
  • Check this page for updates on other public involvement opportunities as the study progresses.

When will the plan be complete?

The plan will be completed by the end of February, 2017.